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Municipal Government, Department Manager

“Ms. Kandell did a truly outstanding job and helped the group to generate an unexpectedly positive outcome. I give her work an A+ in all aspects.”(Read More)


Partner, Small Suburban Medical Practice

“I am a partner in a medical practice that was suffering the growing pains over 25 year of expansion from two doctors to six. As a result…confusion, resentment, and anxiety reigned. Different agendas clashed. Ms. Kandell, with her intelligence, experience, talent and insight, as well as her calm and rational demeanor was able to make some sense and order out of the chaos and reestablish our relationships with each other. She was able to get the train on the track and bring humor back as well. We are so very grateful.”(Read More)


Former City Manager, City of Rockville, Maryland

“I’ve heard only very positive things about last week’s meeting, and about the great job you did. Your efforts have been instrumental in getting this situation turned in the right direction. We’re most appreciative.”(Read More)



Dispute resolution program manager, federal agency

“Ms. Kandell’s professionalism and calm demeanor helped the parties to feel comfortable enough to have a difficult discussion on sensitive issues. She asked the tough questions. As a result the parties continue to have a good working relationship.”(Read More)


Divisional vice-president, large retail department store

“Your experience and expertise made the mediation the most productive I’ve witnessed. Your method for resolving the issue was clear, concise, smooth professional and warm. Something I believe the plaintiff and my company truly appreciated.”(Read More)


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