Arbitration Services in Maryland, Washington, DC & N. Virginia

In arbitration the parties to a dispute present the facts and arguments about the conflict to a neutral arbitrator who makes a decision about the matter in dispute. Like mediation, arbitration is also confidential and private. It is a faster and simpler process than litigation and decisions are generally binding. Arbitration can be conducted in a face to face hearing or it can be performed based on the written documents that the parties submit. Most arbitration is done through large organizations such as the National Arbitration Forum. Arbitration is the required method of dispute resolution provided for in many contracts. The Montgomery County Maryland Bar Association has an arbitration program. For more information about this program email us.

At Alternative Resolutions, LLC  we have handled over 250 commercial and consumer credit arbitration cases in the Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia area for the National Arbitration Forum and also serve as an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority the National Futures Association and the Montgomery County Bar Association in Maryland.

If you’re looking for a professional and experienced arbitrator in the Washington, DC Metro Area, Rockville, Maryland or Northern Virginia, call Alternative Resolutions, LLC for more information today.