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Neutral Fact Finding Investigations

When there is a charge of discrimination the human resources office is required to conduct an investigation. But sometimes a case is especially sensitive due to the issues or the parties involved and an outside neutral can more appropriately and quickly handle that internal investigation and provide a report to the executive in charge.

We have a contract to provide neutral fact finding investigations for Montgomery County, Maryland Government and have also provided these services to Montgomery Community College.

If you’re seeking a professional fact finding investigator in the Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia area, call Alternative Resolutions today.

Ombudsman Services

An ombudsman is a third party neutral who plays the role of an independent, confidential conciliator or problem solver. If there are organizational change issues or leadership and management challenges facing your firm or organization an ombudsman can assist by helping all staff figure out their options during such transitional times. An ombudsman reports directly to the chief executive and will report general trends in the types of cases and issues that come to the ombuds. Because of the special vantage point occupied by the ombuds he or she can also make recommendations for policy changes that can improve the organizational functions.

We have served as a contract ombudsman for the Space Telescope Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and have special training from the International Ombudsman Association.

Ready to learn more about our independent, third party conciliator / Ombudsman services in the DC Metro Area? Contact Alternative Resolutions today.

Dispute System Design and Consulting

With over a decade of federal sector experience, Alternative Resolutions brings perspective and practical know how in management and implementation of new programs in large organizations. Organizations developing new conflict resolution programs experience shifts in the way they do business. We understand those issues and can help make the shift to more collaborative processes. In fact, in one instance Ms. Kandell designed pilot initiatives which resulted in an eightfold increase in ADR use.

Contact Alternative Resolutions today to learn more about our dispute system design and consulting services for organizations in the Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia area.

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