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Having a Tough Talk on Race, Injustice

  • Posted by: Ellen Kandell

What are you doing in your organization and family about racism? With the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others at the hands of police many individuals and organizations are looking inside themselves.   “When white people work together to engage with racism in policing and other civil rights issues, it takes some of the emotional burden off communities of color to teach others.”  I believe we have a moral responsibility to do this.

In order to move forward we have to be able to talk to each other. Id.   So here are some tips for having a dialogue about racism:

  • Set boundaries
  • Approach the conversation with an open heart
  • Listen deeply
  • Be willing to learn
  • Be willing to acknowledge the impact of racism
  • Unlearn racism together

Remember dialogue is not about persuading someone of your point of view.  It’s about listening and learning.

Here is my commitment:

My commitment is to read as much as I can. I want to explore Black authors such as James Baldwin, Toni Morison, Ibram Kendi, Chinua Achebe and Ta-Nehisi Coates to name a few.  I’m also reading history to learn about the impact of our past on the present.   I’m excited about learning other perspectives from these authors and addressing and confronting my biases.

Here are a few of many resources:

Eberhardt, Jennifer L. Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do. Penguin Books, 2020

DiAngelo, Robin J. White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk about about Racism. Beacon Press, 2018

Showing Up for Racial Justice

44 of the Best Books by Black Authors

What is your commitment?

It’s not simply the job of your DEI officer to root out racism in your agency, school or business.  It’s everyone’s job.

We have begun to facilitate dialogues on racism and white supremacy.  Call me at 301-588-5390 to find out more.

Article Name
Having a Tough Talk about Racial Injustice
This article discusses importance of making a moral commitment to have dialogues about racism and racial injustice so we can learn and understand.
Author: Ellen Kandell

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