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5 Steps for Managing Disagreements

  • Posted by: Ellen Kandell

Do you have to deal with disagreeable or argumentative people, whether they be team members, clients or members? I’ve distilled key TIPS from Deepak Chopra ‘s advice in a recent New York Times story.

1. Listen first. Get to know a bit about the person, their perspective and their needs.
2. Learn about what’s important to the other person. What are their values? What makes them tick?
3. If someone’s angry or upset try to identify their underlying need that’s not being met. Don’t try to prove them wrong.
4. Resist the natural fight-flight-freeze response. Instead try plugging in to your insight, intuition, vision, or creativity.
5. If someone attacks you, pause breathe and make a conscious choice, which could be walking away.

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Author: Ellen Kandell

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