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When Facing Conflict, 19 Words Can Change Everything

  • Posted by: Ellen Kandell
“How is that possible?” you’re wondering.
Given that we frequently find ourselves disagreeing with another person—at home or at work—and that we, like everyone, hate being disagreed with, knowing these 19 words will help smooth things over and improve the harmony of our relationships.
Adam Grant, the renowned organizational psychologist and consultant to worldwide businesses , cites a study in this Brief but Spectacular video that shows that arguments and disagreements can be resolved more easily by using language that reduces the likelihood that feedback is received as harsh criticism.
I spend many of my professional hours helping mediate and resolve conflicts in organizations. I find Grant’s video is a brief 3+ minutes worth watching. And be sure to listen for the self-deprecating humor he used as a method for diffusing expected criticism.  Check out Adam’s short video.
Ellen F. Kandell is a certified professional mediator and attorney with over 30 years of public and private sector experience.  An expert in dispute resolution and mediation, Ms. Kandell is certified by the International Mediation Institute. She has been a leader in the Montgomery County Bar Association and the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution. She provides mediation services, group facilitation, neutral evaluation and training to diverse, national clients. Get in touch with her via emailLinkedInTwitter, or give her a call at 301-588-5390.
Author: Ellen Kandell

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